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Healthy social and emotional development doesn’t always just happen

"Terry, you are THE source for all things gifted. So happy and grateful for all you have done to help me be a better mom!" – a student's mom

"I have heard you speak twice at the Beyond the Gifted conference and I'm always impressed by your insights and understanding of this unique group of learners." – faculty at Denver's Gifted & Talented magnet school Polaris At Ebert 


"You have no idea how much you helped me and gave me confidence that I am not a terrible mother. I've followed you for years and love what you do for gifted kids." – parent of four highly gifted children 


"Your help and advice has been a real source of support for our family." – a student's mom


"Thanks for your work with gifted kids in the district, beyond just Fairview High School." – a student's father 

"Thank you traveling to Durango and sharing such wonderful information in your parent presentation. It was so helpful and I also appreciate your sharing so many great resources for further study." - a student's mom

"I want you to know how deeply grateful I am that you you have remained in touch with K over the years. I believe your support has been very crucial to his progress. You are a true gift to the many kids you mentor." – mom of a gifted son 


"Thanks for visiting us and training our teachers about our student's social and emotional needs." – district Gifted & Talented Coordinator 


"Thank you for teaching me how I'm different and for opening my eyes to the world of possibilities that comes with being talented and gifted. Thank you for being a source of calm in a sea of stress and competition." –  student 

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