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I've written many blogs and articles over the years. I've collected several of those to share with you here. From time to time I'll post new articles I write or more articles I find in my archives.

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February 2019  Guest article by Susanne Keeley

The value of a well-rested brain can’t be understated. While many brain functions are reduced with inadequate sleep, executive functions are particularly vulnerable. Because these are very high level skills, they need optimal conditions to function optimally, with sleep being high on the list of needs.  READ MORE

Don't Give Up On Them

January 2019 by Terry Bradley

Liam was a gifted student who had troubling family issues, was very disengaged in school, and his parents divorced and they both moved out of state his senior year of high school. School and its requirements were not of value or importance to him during his high school years. But I didn’t give up on him. We had frequent meetings because I cared about Liam’s well being, and I wanted him to know I was an adult he could talk to.   READ MORE

Chill Out! Helping Gifted Youth Deal With Stress

What is causing stress in our gifted youth? What specific skills can educators and parents impart to help them manage their stress? Stress is a very real presence in all of our lives. It can be even more intense for the gifted because of the nature of giftedness. Specifically, gifted individuals have the tendency to be more sensitive, more intense, more introspective, and more emotional. Growing up gifted is a qualitatively different experience. This can manifest itself in the complex way a gifted individual “feels” and emotes when confronted with stressful situations. READ MORE

Gifted Students Are Not “Cookie Cutter”

July 29, 2013 by Terry Bradley

I recently had very interesting conversations with four of my most special former high school students. All four were/are top students, highly accomplished in many extra curricular activities, and highly motivated to “do it right” and be successful. All had different views about the same subject and I found that to be important enough to blog about. Without any prompting, in each conversation the topic came up about what a student should focus on in high school. READ MORE

Unconventional Gifted: Noah’s Story

May 7, 2018 by Terry Bradley

There are a multitude of reasons why gifted students don’t make good grades in school. Let’s explore one scenario through the eyes of Noah. As a senior, Noah has endured four years of high school classes that he was not interested in, but was required to take in order to graduate. He is perfectly capable of earning A’s, but since he isn’t interested in the classes he can’t motivate himself to do the work necessary to get A’s. READ MORE

8 Questions With Terry About Gifted and Talented

October 13, 2014

Michele Chambers is getting a Masters degree in Gifted and Talented education from Denver’s Regis University. An assignment for her class “Advocacy, Service-Learning, and Twice-Exceptional” was to interview experts in the field of gifted ed. Michelle and I are on the executive board of the Colorado Association of Gifted and Talented (CAGT) so Michelle asked me to be one of her “experts”. I wanted to share her questions and my answers. READ MORE


With So Many Books, Where Do I Start?

Recommended Reading On Giftedness by Terry Bradley

I am often asked by both parents and educators, “There are so many books on gifted, where should I start?” Search “books on gifted” on Amazon and you’ll get over 10,000 results. If you’re looking for a good entry point regarding giftedness, these books always surface to the top of my list. READ MORE

The Importance of Time Spent Outdoors

November 30, 2017 by Terry Bradley
Parents will tell their kids to go outside and play, but parents want to make sure their children can still be easily seen. We want kids to stay close, for safety reasons that weren’t as much on our radar 50 or even 20 years ago. But this shrinking play radius has resulted in our society having a “Nature Deficit Disorder”. READ MORE

Moments In Our Life When Everything Changes

May 7, 2017 by Terry Bradley
Here is an activity for teachers to do with graduating high school students, or for parents of students who are graduating high school. Talk about “There are Moments In Our Life When Everything Changes”. This might help put this life transition into context of other life transitions they’ve experienced. 

Giftedness Does Not Discriminate

July 2017 by Terry Bradley

Celi Trepanier writes that “too many students from families of a lower socioeconomic status, as well as students from culturally, ethnically and racially diverse groups are often disregarded for gifted identification likely because of beliefs in unfortunate myths and a prevalence of incorrect information about what giftedness is and what giftedness can look like in the classroom.” I’d like to address these two myths as they relate to a former student of mine, Juliet, who grew up in the slums of Uganda.  

Share Your Story With Your Children

November 2019  Guest article by Susanne Keeley

Executive functions are housed in the frontal lobe of the brain. Children go through their entire educational experience with immature frontal lobes. Therefore, any opportunity that we as adults can take to promote good executive functions in our children is beneficial. Share Your Story is one such way. READ MORE

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